Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why Reconciliation stands no chance?

A Fatah official was quoted yesterday by the world media as claiming he had information that Iran paid Hamas in order for the latter to undermine reconciliation efforts. In fact, the failure of Palestinian reconciliation has nothing to do with Iran or with the sources of Hamas funding. Nothing Fatah or the Ramallah based PNA do is conducive to national reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. Consider for example the following:
1) There is a huge fifth column inside the Gaza Strip created and maintained by Fatah and the Ramallah based PNA. The primary function of this column, in exchange for being paid good salaries from donor countries funding, is to stay away from work and engage in a psychological warfare against Hamas and its Gaza authority.
2) The fuel and electricity crisis in Gaza is the outcome of two main actions taken by Abbas and his U.S.-appointed prime minister Salam Fayyad:
a- Fayyad persuaded the European Union to stop paying Israel for fuel supplies to the Gaza power plant claiming that this was the responsibility of his government who should be paid instead to do the job. The Europeans diverted the money to Ramallah. As a consequence Israel stopped the supplies insisting it would only resume them once Hamas paid for them.
b - Mahmud Abbas recently visited Cairo and agreed with Tantawi, the head of Egypt's military council, to stop power and fuel supplies to Gaza as a means of pressuring Hamas in Gaza to stop hindering reconciliation efforts and pursue measures allegedly agreed upon earlier in Cairo and Doha.
3) The Ramallah run Preventive Force in the West Bank is continuing security cooperation and coordination with the Israelis. The main aim is to prevent Hamas from ever resurfacing in the West Bank. To date, Hamas activists and sympathisers continue to be hunted and detained by both Abbas-Fayyad security apparatus in the West Bank and Israel's security agencies whose job has been made so easy thanks to the collaboration of the PNA in Ramallah and Fatah in the West Bank. 

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