Saturday, 28 January 2012

Advice to Islamist Politicians on Palestine/Israel

It is perfectly understandable that Islamists recently elected to rule in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt or those that aspire to rule in other Arab and Muslim countries should focus on domestic problems and the immediate needs of their people. The Palestinian issue and the relations with Israel need not become obstacles to the efforts aimed at rebuilding state institutions that for many years rotted in corruption and despotism. Yet, if asked about Palestine or Israel, Islamists should not contradict what everyone knows to be their fundamental position on the issue. Anwar Ibrahim, a leading Malaysian Islamist, has recently been quoted by the Wall Street Journal as committing to support efforts aimed at securing Israel. This is utterly unworthy of an Islamic leader.

Having seen some of my other fellow Islamist leaders also fall into similar blackmail traps on the issue of Palestine/Israel, I would recommend to them all that when asked about the issue they should adhere to the following themes:

  1. Palestine is an Arab Islamic territory that was invaded by the Western powers who established therein a Zionist state with the aim of serving their colonial ends and resolving Europe's chronic Jewish problem. The Zionist project in Palestine is an aggression that is abhorred by all justice-loving people. 
  2. The problem in Palestine is not caused by a religious conflict between Muslims and Jews. For centuries the two religious communities lived in peace and harmony side by side. The conflict is with the Zionists who occupied Palestine, dispossessed its people and established a state that is hostile to the peoples of the region. 
  3. The Zionist regime is a racist (Apartheid) entity that poses a threat to the entire humanity. We aspire to see a Middle East in which the inhabitants of the region (Muslims, Christians, Jews and followers of other faiths) coexist peacefully and securely under a system of good governance that is based on sanctifying justice and human dignity. 
  4. As a matter of principle we are open to cooperation and communication with all nations including those of the Americas and Europe. However, we do not tolerate being blackmailed by certain parties here and there so as to bestow legitimacy on what is illegitimate in exchange for friendly relations.  
  5. As for the peace treaties concluded by some Arab regimes, such as Egypt and Jordan, with the Zionist state in Palestine, we believe that these treaties are unfair and illegitimate. These treaties were concluded by corrupt and undemocratic regimes against the will of their people. Therefore, we deem it appropriate that these treaties should be put to the referendum in order for the people in each one of these countries to decide what to do with them (amending or revoking them).  
  6. We do not accept the illegal siege imposed on the people of Palestine, both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We shall spare no effort to bring such a siege to an end. 


  1. Allahu Akbar!

    Seeing comments on Facebook, Zionists have almost won the propoganda war. "Is it practical to have a one-state solution (only Palestine)".

    This is the effect of Humanism, Liberalism. UN is taken as Dalil and Source.

  2. يا سيدي الكريم. قبل كنت ترغب في التعليق ودولة ماليزيا أنور، هل تعرف بالفعل حامل هذا الخبر؟ كن حذرا مع الأخبار التي رفعتها غير المسلمين، أكثر بكثير من تلك التي المسيحيين الأميركيين. نحن معروفون في ماليزيا انور. هل تعرف من هو أيضا مؤلف من الأخبار؟

  3. Dear Ihya,

    From his blog, Anwar Ibrahim clearly stated that:

    “I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel,”


    1) He acknowledged the illegal Zionist government, Israel
    2) Supports the continuity of this illegal entity
    3) Made UN as his reference for his stance, not Quran & Sunnah.

    Yes I know, he said that he supports Palestinian aspiration. We cannot support Palestine but at the same time supports the continuity of the illegal regime. Palestine is ours, not even an iota should be given away.

  4. I'm not sure but have you 'tabayyun' with Anwar about his statements lately?

    For I do believe that his words are not utterly “I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel,” alone.

    Please do check and check and check what his original statements where before commenting about what he said.

    1. Remember the time when Mahathir sent in the Gaza flotilla? Anwar said that it was 'a waste of time and resources'

    2. Dear Sicher,
      Where did Anwar make the comment? Can u please send the link to Anwar's comment you mentioned above?

  5. Eqwan Roslan here,

    Yes, tabayyun done.

    In fact, I ignored the first wave of the news because the sources were unreliable. Then he put the statement on his blog.

    Yes he said he also supports the Palestinian aspirations but that doesn't count off the 3 points I stated above.

    Supporting Israel is Zionism, supporting both is hypocrisy.

  6. Salam,

    Dr Azzam, how could you say Anwar Ibrahim an islamist? Infact he is the so-called de facto leader of a corrupt liberal PKR party which has no connection to Islam at all. His only ambition is to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia at any cost.
    Refer to this linK:

  7. A bit of "tabayyun" here from Malaysia. Anwar did not retract a single word he says in AWSJ. In fact he openly contradicts the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) Syura's advice to either retract or sue AWSJ. Anwar's comments in AWSJ moves beyond two-state solution, he actually calls for open, full support of Israel's security! It is funny he continue to say that his position is in line with Hamas and Fatah as recently as his tweet tonight. Actually its not funny! because I'm worried a lot of Malaysians, Muslim and non-Muslims alike who clearly loves Palestinians and Palestine are being misled by a so-called Islamist to accept the Zionist agenda!

  8. Dear Brothers-In-Islam, You want to know the true colour of Anwar Ibrahim? He is the type of person Allah describe in Surah AlBaqarah, ayat 204:" There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life may dazzle thee, and he calls God to witness about what is in his heart, yet he is the most contentious of enemies." (Translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali). Beware of the enemies in Islamic garb from amongst us. This guy is one!